2018 Durian Feast 

an unmissable event

 10th March  (Saturday)

Let's have a look at 2017 (Last Year) Durian Feast first......

This year, we have some upgrades......

Food Lovers


继2017千人榴莲宴成功落幕,2018千人榴莲宴【3月10号 星期六】 (中国的元宵节,俗称中国情人节)即将袭来!

The DURIAN FEAST of thousand people

Following the success of the 2017 thousand-person durian feast, The durian feast of thousand people (March 10th, 2018, Saturday, Chinese Lantern Festival) is coming! (The Lantern Festival is also known as Chinese Valentine's Day)


The Lantern festival Feast makes you crazy

1 最"惹人犯罪"的榴莲新吃法【榴莲bbq】

The most exciting way to eat durian:Durian BBQ


2 多款烧味

A variety of Chinese barbecue


3 马来西亚新鲜榴莲任你吃到饱饱

Eat fresh durian from Malaysia until full 


4 可能是墨尔本最好吃的榴莲千层蛋糕

Maybe the most delicious durian cake in Melbourne


5 多款美食现场BBQ

A variety of delicacies BBQ on-site


6 用牛奶种植的鲜甜青菜,墨尔本最好吃的油菜

The yummiest grape in Melbourne, sweet and fresh green
vegetable planted with milk


7 元宵汤圆

Chinese Tang-yuan


8 热带水果

Tropical fruits


9 超过20种中国食物

More than 20 kinds of CHINESE FOOD


10 中国茶道

Chinese Tea Ceremony


And Many More!

Celebrate with thousands of food lovers!

Free Facial!

现在购买Early Birds票,即可马上免费获得价值200澳元的:冰肌玉肤夏日美白美容全套护理,地点在Bourke st 的大型专业美容院,不限时间,可以转让或送人


Any purchase of the Early Bird ticket is eligible to enjoy 1 x Facial gift package for free (Market Price: $200), the package can be transferred and has no limitation on time.

Special Performance

Final Session

7-9 pm

10 March



Sexy Lingerie Show

(not recommended for kids)


* all the audience could purchase lingerie on the same night with special discounts

This Year:


More food

More activities

More performance

More presents

Early Birds

第一场:11AM到1PM  $ 88

团购:10张 $792 (附赠摩天轮双人套票一张)

(表演: 中国风民族舞蹈)


第二场:2PM到3.45PM   $ 80 

团购:10张 $720(附赠摩天轮双人套票一张)



第三场(已满):4.30PM到6.15PM   $80

团购:10张 $720(附赠摩天轮双人套票一张)



第四场:7PM到9PM   $98

团购:10张 $800(附赠摩天轮双人套票一张)





地点:8/ 10 Newquay Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008

(Besides the beautiful Docklands Pier)



The first feast: 11 am to 1 pm $88

Group of 10: $792 (With 1 Double pass to Melbourne Star)

(performance: Chinese Traditional show)


The second feast: 2 pm to 3.45 pm $80

Group of 10: $720 (With 1 Double pass to Melbourne Star)

(Performance: Kids model show/ kids DJ)


The third feast: 4.30 pm to 6.15 pm $80 (fully booked)

Group of 10: $720 (With 1 Double pass to Melbourne Star)

(Performance: Kids model show/ kids DJ)


The fourth feast: 7 pm to 9 pm $98

Group of 10: $800 (With 1 Double pass to Melbourne Star)

(performance: Sexy Lingerie Show) 


Children under 15: half price;

children under 3: free.

(Free for children who attend model walk or talent show)

Location: 8/ 10 Newquay Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008

(Besides the beautiful Docklands Pier)



Official price of The Durian Feast on 3/10/2018 : $148 per person.

Purchase the tickets now to get:

ALL YOU CAN EAT Durian Feast on 10 March

Excellent performances and shows on-site

FREE Facial in Melbourne City

40% off Melbourne Star tickets on the day

Chance of WINNING valuable prizes!

What's up on the day?



Invited the most handsome DJ from junior model group to play disc for everyone



2018国际游艇模特赛少儿组 (一群可爱的小天使)

The Children group of 2018 International Yacht Model Competition

Groups of lovely angels


National Music


Kids' Singing Performance

2018游艇模特大赛少儿组的Sunny :11 岁

11-year-old Sunny from the Children's group of the Yacht Model Competition


Sexy Lingerie Runway Shows "Bunny Pie"


National Dance


40% off discount of Melbourne Star Tickets



Thanks to the AWARD ENTERTAINMENT for giving the tickets of "Jacky Cheung’sWorld Tour concert" as lottery gifts


Thanks for the free pickup tickets from high-level nanny car.


Thanks for the free yacht tickets from Melbourne Private Yacht Association


Thanks for the Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel Double Entry Tickets 

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